Arizona Gardening Services


Arizona gardens require special attention to flourish


Whether it’s to accommodate fruits, vegetables, flowers, or all of the above, gardening in Arizona is an appealing idea for many reasons. The addition of bright, beautiful flowers will enhance any Arizona landscape, and being able to go out and pick your own fruit and vegetables is a homeowner’s dream. If you’ve considered placing a garden on your property but hesitated because you don’t know where to start or you aren’t necessarily known for having a green thumb, New Image Landscape and Pools experience with Arizona gardens can help you achieve exactly what you’ve envisioned.

Planting a Garden

Since all things related to landscaping are our area of expertise, you can trust that your garden design will be perfectly integrated into the yard you already have. No matter how big or what style Arizona gardens you prefer, we have the capability to create something that will completely transform your current outdoor space into one that you simply can’t get enough of. Our turfing, seeding, and planting skills will have your new or revitalized garden ready to flourish in no time.

Installing a Water System

Unless you plan to spend a good portion of your time outside watering your garden yourself, it’s a good idea to have a water system installed. There are a variety of systems available for Arizona gardening, and the one you choose should largely depend on what kind of plants you have and how they are arranged. We understand that using the right watering system will have a big impact on the growth of your garden, so we are here to help you determine which will be the most suitable for your property, as well as carry out the installation process.

Choosing Plants

In addition to planting the actual garden for you, we can assist you in choosing the types of greenery you want planted. To accomplish a thriving garden, you must pick the right plants for your climate, your landscape’s exposure to the sun, and your landscape style; Arizona gardening presents some unique challenges. Consider whether you want seasonal plants or ones that bloom in multiple seasons for year-round enjoyment. Selecting the right plants will have a big impact on the overall outcome of your gardening in Arizona.

Professional Gardening Expertise

New Image Landscape and Pools have the knowledge that is required to successfully plant you a garden that will complement your Arizona landscape in beauty and provide you with delicious fruits and vegetables. Working with us, you can trust that your garden project is in good hands.