Top Quality Putting Greens Phoenix

Elegantly designed putting greens in Phoenix

New Image Landscaping and Pools has made a name for itself throughout the Phoenix area, designing and building some of the most beautiful and innovative pools and landscapes that you will find anywhere. But the team here also has extensive expertise in installing countless unique landscape features to backyards of all shapes and sizes. A private, top of the line putting green in your backyard is one such feature that we design and install with incredible results.

Real Putting Practice at Home

If you are a golfer, you know the feeling of never being able to get out on the course or the driving range to keep your game moving forward. A top quality putting green in your backyard is exactly what you need to keep your short game sharp and improving. After all, the best putting green is one that you own! You can pick between a wide range of designs, from a very simple flat green to a massive green with extensive contours. The one thing that you can be sure of is that New Image Landscaping and Pools will carry out the installation with precision, so that you will have a beautiful and practical putting green at a fair price.

This is obviously a very practical feature for anyone that loves the game of golf, but there is certainly still a great appeal in this installation for those that are new to the game or have never really gotten into it. The aesthetic appeal of the beautifully short green grass alone would be a large improvement to any backyard that has the space for such a feature, and the ability to design the best putting green to fit your own landscape makes the appeal even greater. With a putting green in your backyard, you are given the unique ambience of vast golf course while you relax in the privacy of your own backyard. If you don’t relish the thought of maintaining this beautiful plot of grass, then you have the option to install a putting green consisting of artificial turf. This increases your initial costs, but reduces the cost of maintaining your putting green, both in terms of your money and your time.

Get On the Green

A putting green in the backyard is not for everyone, but there are so many joys that come from having your very own green in the backyard. You can’t get any better landscaping service than with New Image Landscaping and Pools. Our emphasis on the needs of you, the customer, and our efficiency and expertise in carrying out our business has made us one of the premiere pool and landscape companies in the state. Visit or call us today to explore your options in creating your very own top quality putting greens in Phoenix.