Built In Barbecues

Built In Barbecue Grill

Nothing quite says summer like having a barbecue by the pool in your backyard. While you don’t need anything special to enjoy a beautiful day barbecuing with friends and family, there are certainly ways to improve the experience and convenience of days like these. Installing a built in barbecue grill in the backyard is one simply way to do just that. The installation and construction of landscape features such as this have made New Image one of the most prominent pool and landscaping companies in Arizona.

Why Built In?

Built in barbecues create a backyard environment that beckons people to enjoy the day in the fresh air by the pool. People have found that having their very own built in barbecue grill station fit for king has served in getting them out of the house to enjoy the outdoors more than ever before. This is a reasonable result, as the investment in a built in grill is a great motivator for taking advantage of the outdoors. It also simply enhances the experience of cooking and serving food in your own backyard; the best barbecue in Phoenix can be found right out your back door!

Styles of Barbecue

While there are endless design styles that allow you to tailor your grill to your exact specifications, many built in barbecues are a part of a sort of wet bar that offers ample counter space for setting out and preparing food, as well as cabinets and shelving for grilling supplies and virtually anything else you want to store. Some designs even feature refrigerators, freezers, and even running water. These added features can add to the versatility to your built in barbecue grill so it can act as a bar as well as a food serving station. You can pick a built in barbecue of elegant style by choosing granite countertops or a modern concrete top, or you can have a grilling station with more of a rustic feel. Do this by creating the structure with a blend of wood and concrete or perhaps river rocks.

New Image Can Build Your Dream Barbecue

There are countless manufacturers that offer amazing products that will all make for a great built in barbecue, but when it comes to installing the best barbecue in Phoenix, you would benefit greatly from letting the experts take care of it. New Image has been offering pool and landscaping services for over 35 years, and the result is unparalleled expertise in the design and construction of countless landscape features; one of those being built in barbecues. Call New Image Landscaping & Pools or visit our site for more information on how you can transform your backyard into your very own landscape of your dreams.