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5 Reasons to Get a Built-in Outdoor Barbecue

Nothing quite says summer like having a barbecue in the backyard, and there is no better way to do it than at your very own built-in barbecue. While there are many different perks that come with for having your own built-in grill, we’ve listed our top five reasons you should get a built-in barbecue below.

Better Quality

When you are installing a barbecue into a permanent structure, you tend to pick a model that is higher quality. This will give you increased performance and longevity for your grill. The result is reduced overall investment in maintenance and replacement. Over the long-term, an outdoor built-in grill makes a lot of sense.


The beauty of these types of structures is the grill is always there. There also tends to be less of a mess, and your grilling utensils and propane tanks can sit safely within the structure; you can even choose to install cabinets or another organizational feature. A built-in grill is sure to increase the time you spend outside grilling with friends and family.

Adds to the Value of Your Home

A built-in barbecue is an amenity that few homes have. The minute you install your own, there is a certain level of prestige that is instantly added to your home. This increases your investment in your home as well as the pride that you take in it.

They Look Great

Beyond all of the practicality and benefit of having a built-in grill, they simply look great and can really bring a whole backyard together. Whether you decide to put the grill by the pool or on its own, it is sure to enhance the environment in which it sits.

You Can Really Make Them Your Own

When you are making design and installation decisions for your built-in barbecue, there is so much flexibility. This is especially true when you work with experts like the ones at New Image. Options are virtually endless when you consider the materials used, size and shape of the structure, type of grill, and additional features like wet bars or shade structures.

This is one of the best bang-for-your-buck investments that you can make. It is a massively beneficial feature and it can be designed and installed with relative ease. Visit the experts at New Image Landscaping and Pools to learn more about how you can turn your backyard into a beautiful oasis in the desert, starting with your own built-in barbecue.

New Image Swimming Pools. Phoenix Backyard With Modern-looking Swimming Pool Installed Between Synthetic Turf Borders

Summer Tips for Landscape Maintenance

When the heat comes in the summer in the desert, it quickly becomes crunch time in maintaining the health and aesthetic appeal of your landscape. It also becomes increasingly more difficult to be responsible with our water consumption in this desert that we live in. While this article will apply differently based on what type of landscape you have and the extent of features throughout it, these are some great tips for making sure that your landscape is looking its best all year long in the most water-efficient ways possible.

How to Make Your Landscape Look Beautiful All Summer Long

A big part of maintaining a beautiful and healthy look for your landscape is keeping your grass green. The first and most crucial thing you need to know in order to do this is how much water your lawn actually needs. There are numerous sources online for estimating this, but you can also do this with a little trial and error. Attempt to drive a screwdriver into your soil about an hour after watering. If you can easily push it 10 inches into the ground, that is enough water, and you might even be able to scale it back. You should be watering your grass a few hours before sunrise to avoid excessive evaporation of the water and you should mow your grass at least once a week to keep it as fresh and healthy as possible. This helps with the look of your yard as well as the necessary water consumption of your grass.

You should always be aware of the status of your irrigation system. Make sure sprinkler heads are oriented in the proper direction and not being obstructed, and keep your eyes out for the formation of pools of water over underground plumbing. You should also consider installing drip irrigation to make sure your plants are getting the water that they need in the most efficient manner.

You should also consider taking pre-emptive measures to plan the specifics of your landscape so that it can survive more easily in this type of climate. Things that will help a Phoenix landscape thrive with less effort include planting native plant species, designing simple, natural rainwater collection and distribution channels, and adding a little shade. Adding gutters and rainwater collection bins is another great way to increase the health of your yard without increasing your footprint on water consumption.

Save Water While Maintaining Your Landscape

You work hard on your landscape, so you should be able to maintain it throughout the entire year. However, as we live in a desert, we all have a responsibility to conserve our most precious resource, water. Follow these steps to make sure you are doing your part to conserve, while still having a beautiful yard!

All About Lawn Seeding: Why it May Be the Most Important Part for Keeping Your Landscape Beautiful


Over the years, grass can begin to look less than appealing, turning brown, becoming patchy in spots, and eventually ceasing to grow at all. Long before you have nothing left but dirt and some remnants of what was once a healthy, green lawn, it’s time to start thinking about lawn seeding. Even the most well-maintained lawns can use some help every once in a while using a technique called spot seeding to fill in the gaps where diseases, insects, or harsh weather has caused damage.

Why is Lawn Seeding Important?

Lawn seeding will keep you from having to initiate the process of growing grass all over again from the beginning, which is generally a slow process. Seeding is also important because lawns tend to be the main focus of a yard. The attractiveness of even the most beautiful landscape designs and vibrant plants and flowers will be diminished in the presence of a lawn that is noticeably suffering.

How is it Done Correctly?

The first step in lawn seeding correctly is choosing the right kind of seed. This will depend on several different factors, such as local climate, the amount of shade a lawn sees, and how much foot traffic it is likely to experience. Once this has been determined, it’s time to test the soil for its pH level to ensure it’s at the right amount. After the pH has been taken care of, the soil must be properly prepared by clearing away visible rocks and debris and mowing the current lawn down, or tilling the dirt if starting from scratch. Next, cover the area in fertilizer, lay down the seed, and water accordingly.

When is the Best Time to Do It?

In most environments, the fall and spring seasons are the most ideal times to seed a lawn. Due to cooler temperatures, soil that’s still warm, and just the right amount of sunlight, fall seeding generally enjoys the most success. This gives the seeds ample time through the winter and spring to germinate and establish themselves into grass before summer arrives. Spring is the next best time of year to start a seeding project since the weather is still cool and there are plenty of rain showers to provide necessary moisture. Seeding in the summer will require much more maintenance, and weeds and crabgrass can create frustrating obstacles. Lawn seeding is a fairly inexpensive way to get your landscape back to a desirable condition.

5 Fun Landscape Features You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Your home should be a place where you take pleasure in spending time – somewhere you can count on to provide comfort, fun, and relaxation at any given time. It should also be a good representation of your personal style. Though many homeowners tend to focus on interior design to achieve all these goals, it’s actually the exterior that will make a long-lasting impression. Landscaping is a great investment for those who want to get the most out of their home ownership and desire a true oasis right in their own yard. There are so many different and creative ways to update a landscape design and create an outdoor living space that’s perfect for both leisure activities and the entertainment of guests. Even if you haven’t thought much about it before, the following features will make you soon realize just how much you and your family can benefit from a new and improved landscape.


Pagodas add a striking aesthetic appeal that will instantly make your landscape unique. These beautiful structures can easily be customized in shape, size, and color to fit your particular needs and taste. In addition to adding a special form of artistry, pagodas will give you the opportunity to enjoy your landscape year-round by providing shade from scorching heat and shelter from wet weather.


Waterfalls are the ultimate must-have landscape feature. They can completely change the feel of any yard to immediately promote sophistication, peace, and happiness. You will constantly feel like you’re on a retreat with the nonstop movement and soothing sounds of water only a few feet away. Waterfall designs can range in height and style to suit your environment.

Fire Pit

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a campfire with family and friends. Fire pits allow you the luxury of bringing that same intimate ambiance into your own yard. With a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes available, it’s simple to design a fire pit that can be incorporated into your specific space and complements the contemporary or traditional look you’re going for.

Outdoor Kitchen

Family life is often centered around the kitchen, and backyard barbecues are a popular way to spend summer evenings. Now the two can be combined together with the installation of an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can be built with all the amenities and conveniences of indoor spaces, allowing everyone to appreciate the pleasant weather simultaneously.

Splash Pads

Splash pads are a quick and affordable way to add a water feature to your home when there isn’t enough space to accommodate a swimming pool or building one just isn’t in the budget. Kids will benefit from hours of safe fun, while parents benefit from having to deal with a lot less maintenance and associated expenses.

The landscaping experts at New Image Landscape and Pools LLC can install any of these features plus more to help you transform your yard into a stunning work of art. No matter the complexity or size of the job, you can count on our professionals to spruce up your curb appeal in a way you never imagined.