How to Choose The Arizona Plants That Best Suit Your Landscape

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When you are ready to beautify your yard and landscaping, selecting the right plants is one of the first steps. Your amazing yard will soon become a reality. The first step is to choose the right plants for each area of your yard and garden. You need some information that will help you choose the best plants for different areas. Here’s a look at some helpful tips that will have your Arizona desert plants looking marvelous.

Choosing Arizona Plants By Lighting Conditions

No amount of care can help a plant that thrives in the shade that is planted in full sun and vice versa. Determine how many hours of sun each planting area of your landscaping gets each day, and select plants that are appropriate. Here’s a guide for general descriptions of how much light different plants may need:

  • Full sun — Six or more hours of direct sun per day
  • Partial shade — Does best in three to six hours of sun
  • Shade — Will usually do well with fewer than three hours of sun, but be aware that some shade plants may have trouble in deeply shaded places

Annuals or Perennials

When choosing plants, make sure you understand the difference between annuals and perennials. Basically, perennials will continue to grow year after year, while annuals only grow for a single season. Perennials include bulb plants such as tulips daffodils, crocus, and hyacinth. Annuals include plants such as impatiens, geraniums, marigolds, petunias and others.

Be aware of how large the mature plant will become, keeping both diameter and height in mind. You want to ensure that the plant will fit into the space you chose when it is completely grown. In Arizona, we have a very temperate desert climate, where certain desert shrubs and Arizona trees thrive. It is important to understand the different Arizona desert plants that can help your garden and yard look its best.

Grow Your Dream Garden

If you want more advice about choose the best Arizona desert plants or desert shrubs, just give us a call. We have more than 35 years of experience as a leading Phoenix landscaping company. We can consult with you to ensure that your home and yard are as beautiful as possible.

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