Guide to a Great Desert Landscape

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Whether you are a long-time resident or a newcomer to Arizona, you may be looking for some ideas and tips for a great desert landscape. Many think that a desert landscape is just some sand, rocks, and a few hardy plants. Well, that is just not the case. You can enjoy a desert landscape full of lush plants and gorgeous scenery. Take a look at this quick guide to getting a successful desert landscape.

Plant at the Correct Time

In the Phoenix area, the best time to plant is the fall, because the soils during this season will hold heat and promote root growth. Also, the plants will experience temperatures that are more consistent in the following months, and will produce established roots that can do well in the higher spring and summer months.

Adapt Your Soil

Desert soils are alkaline in nature and contain little organic matter. It is important to add a compost component, especially to areas that will contain plants with shallow roots. Also, add a top layer of bark or compost to help water and nutrients get to plant roots.

Make sure your drainage and irrigation systems are adapted to our arid environment. Your drainage system should allow proper drainage to prevent root rot. Your watering and irrigation system should be water wise, yet effective. For example, drip irrigation systems are very effective and do not require a lot of water consumption.

Use Mulch

Using mulch to cover root zones will reduce moisture loss. Additionally it will cool the upper layers of soil and prevent weed growth. You can choose inorganic toppings such as rock or gravel, or organic such as bark or compost. This is a very inexpensive and efficient tip to help your plants grow better.

Consider Lawn Alternatives

With the arid environment of the Phoenix area, lawns are often very difficult to keep green. We get very little rain, so watering your lawns efficiently can be expensive. You may want to consider a synthetic lawn. Today’s lawn alternatives are kid and pet friendly, and even more importantly, are very natural looking.

There are plenty of other great tips to help you achieve the very best landscaping. The professionals at Phoenix Landscaping and New Image Landscape and Pools can give you all the help you need. We can help with even the smallest projects, all the way up to a complete makeover. We are also pool and spa specialists and can help you design and build a gorgeous backyard water feature.

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