Landscape Maintenance Services


beautiful landscape maintenance results from New Image


Once you’ve taken the time to design the perfect landscape, you must invest in its care and maintenance to ensure it remains as appealing as the day it was completed. This can be a time-consuming responsibility and one that requires skill, and that’s why the experts at New Image Landscape and Pools – a landscape maintenance company based in Arizona – are here to help. Our landscape maintenance team is standing by to perform the following important duties when you don’t have the time, desire, or know-how to do it yourself.


Hiring us to mow your lawn comes with a little more proficiency and attention to detail than you would get from a neighborhood kid. We take care to remove any items from your lawn that don’t belong prior to starting up the mower so as not to cause any disasters. We will also be sure to mow your lawn to its suggested length according to its particular species and then recycle the clippings to increase grass nourishment.


The fertilization material and technique we use will be dependent upon your species of grass, ensuring the best results possible.


It’s common for landscape edges along driveways, curbs, and pathways to be overlooked by other landscaping companies in Phoenix when a lawn is mowed, but we take extra special care to provide upkeep to these areas as well. Our edging service utilizes a mechanical steel blade edger to get those borders as polished up as possible; expect only the best from New Image, one of Arizona’s top landscape maintenance companies.


No one enjoys the unavoidable task of weeding, and we understand that, so we’ll do it for you. Throughout the year, we will weed all the areas of your landscape that need it by applying ground cover, mulch, and an herbicide when necessary as long as it’s safe for the plants, or else we will use the old-fashioned method of pulling them out by hand.

Shrub Care

Shrubs that are allowed to grow wildly out of control will really detract from the charm of a landscape. That is why we’ll prune your shrubs seasonally as needed, using our expertise to make certain they aren’t damaged in the process.


Our floriculture program is the best way to keep your flower plants and beds in attractive and healthy condition. After assessing the types of plants you have on your landscape, we will tailor the program to fit your needs, as well as perform routine duties that all plants and soil can benefit from.

Maintenance Made Easy

We make it easy and convenient to have your landscape upheld at a high quality. Our team will put together a schedule at the beginning of each month that works for both parties, and billing will take place on the 25th of every month to be due by the 10th of the following month. Through our professional landscape maintenance services, you will be able to sustain a landscape that is set apart by its beauty.