Landscaping and Lawn Care Packages in Phoenix AZ

Groomed and paved landscape with lit pergola by New Image, the best in Phoenix AZ lawn care

With up to $3,000 dollar markdowns, you’ll have no problem finding the best, fully-customizable landscaping AZ package to fit your needs, without breaking the bank.

We offer deals that appeal to all customers. For more simple work, we offer the SOMBRA package, which includes our outstanding Phoenix AZ lawn care services combined with a few landscaping services for those who are generally content with their landscape as is. Our more inclusive packages, like the ESCAPE or BOHOL, comprise a bunch of landscaping services to provide the customer with a fully remodeled backyard.

While, we may have the lowest priced landscaping packages in Phoenix AZ, that doesn’t mean you’re getting low quality! All of our services, from simple Phoenix AZ lawn care to the extensive landscaping of AZ properties, come with over 30 years of experience, skill, and dedication.