All About Lawn Seeding: Why it May Be the Most Important Part for Keeping Your Landscape Beautiful


Over the years, grass can begin to look less than appealing, turning brown, becoming patchy in spots, and eventually ceasing to grow at all. Long before you have nothing left but dirt and some remnants of what was once a healthy, green lawn, it’s time to start thinking about lawn seeding. Even the most well-maintained lawns can use some help every once in a while using a technique called spot seeding to fill in the gaps where diseases, insects, or harsh weather has caused damage.

Why is Lawn Seeding Important?

Lawn seeding will keep you from having to initiate the process of growing grass all over again from the beginning, which is generally a slow process. Seeding is also important because lawns tend to be the main focus of a yard. The attractiveness of even the most beautiful landscape designs and vibrant plants and flowers will be diminished in the presence of a lawn that is noticeably suffering.

How is it Done Correctly?

The first step in lawn seeding correctly is choosing the right kind of seed. This will depend on several different factors, such as local climate, the amount of shade a lawn sees, and how much foot traffic it is likely to experience. Once this has been determined, it’s time to test the soil for its pH level to ensure it’s at the right amount. After the pH has been taken care of, the soil must be properly prepared by clearing away visible rocks and debris and mowing the current lawn down, or tilling the dirt if starting from scratch. Next, cover the area in fertilizer, lay down the seed, and water accordingly.

When is the Best Time to Do It?

In most environments, the fall and spring seasons are the most ideal times to seed a lawn. Due to cooler temperatures, soil that’s still warm, and just the right amount of sunlight, fall seeding generally enjoys the most success. This gives the seeds ample time through the winter and spring to germinate and establish themselves into grass before summer arrives. Spring is the next best time of year to start a seeding project since the weather is still cool and there are plenty of rain showers to provide necessary moisture. Seeding in the summer will require much more maintenance, and weeds and crabgrass can create frustrating obstacles. Lawn seeding is a fairly inexpensive way to get your landscape back to a desirable condition.

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