Natural Rock Water Fountains & Features

Rock Water Feature in Phoenix

There is something about the sound of moving water that evokes a sense of peace in an individual standing adjacent to that water. Hopefully you have experienced the inherent peacefulness of sitting or even sleeping next to a babbling creak, the sound of which eases you into a state of blissfulness. This type of experience strikes a chord within all people. Well, with New Image Landscape and Pools, you can bring the serenity of that creek to your home or backyard with a rock water feature.

Go Simple or Get Creative

Depending on your needs and preferences, you could opt to install a very simple pond where you can keep some fish for a nice natural touch, or you can go all out and design and install your very own natural rock water fountains, complete with a waterfall! As New Image Landscape and Pools offers a particular specialty in pools, their pool waterfalls have become an extremely popular feature that many people choose to bring the peaceful melody of running water to their backyard. You can even choose to install a waterfall slide on the edge of your pool with varying designs and styles. This blends all of the fun of a water slide with the serenity of a large landscaping rock waterfall.

Make It Your Own

These are a couple of ideas that have become very popular in backyards all throughout the city of Phoenix, but the sky is truly the limit when you are working with the innovative team at New Image Landscape and Pools. You can pick one of these templates and add some of your own flare, or you can start from scratch and create a magnificent rock water feature that is unique to your backyard alone. This could be anything from your own little creak that runs through your yard to rock pools that will collect rainwater, making your backyard a thriving ecosystem. The options for landscaping rock features are only limited to wherever your imagination, coupled with our team’s experience, takes you.

Many people in Phoenix are creating their dream backyards with New Image Landscape and Pools; join them and make your backyard a place that you will not want to leave. Work with a team of experts to design and build the rock water fountains of your dreams for this summer. With over 35 years of experience providing some of the premiere pool and landscape services to the Valley, you cannot find a better team to guide you through this process than the one at New Image Landscape and Pools. Visit or call today to learn more about your options.