Adding Outdoor Lighting to Your Arizona Home

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With outdoor lighting, you can add both ambiance and security to your Arizona home. This guide can help you choose the best lighting for your needs, whether it is security, accent lighting, or deck lighting. Outdoor lighting offers a variety of fixtures than can improve exterior security. Additionally, lighting can accentuate landscaping and the architecture of Phoenix properties at night.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor lighting fixtures are available in several options depending on where they will be placed. These include hardwired, plug-in, and solar. There are also several different types of outdoor lighting fixture options available depending upon your particular installation needs

  • Security and Flood Lights — These lights are high intensity board lights that are designed to cover large areas in light. Often these types of lights are used as a measure to reduce potential criminal activity.
  • Wall Lights — These lights can be mounted on just about any vertical surface to cast an ambient glow. These are wonderful for lighting recessed areas, pathways, walkways, and stairways.
  • Post Lights — This type of lighting is mounted on posts, railings, or poles giving them an unlimited variety of placement. These are also advantageous when you want to provide light on areas around your home without the high intensity of flood lighting.
  • Ceiling Mount or Pendant Lights — These shine light from above and can be used to illuminate gazebos, entryways and porches. They are also a great option for lighting seating and/or dining areas.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is used to highlight a home’s landscape features. There is a wide variety of fixtures making finding a solution easy, as well as providing the best lighting. Landscape lights include stake and path lighting that can light up walkways. Deck lighting can cast ambient light onto the area for easy navigation and safety on stairways. Accent lighting can spotlight and accentuate your home’s architecture through the use of downlights, uplights, spotlights, and well lights.

Considerations of Outdoor Lighting in Phoenix, AZ

When choosing your outdoor lights in Phoenix, you may notice some are labeled “Dark Sky” or “Good Neighbor”. This is part of a movement that is dedicated to the reduction of light pollution. When choosing such products, you’ll be choosing fixtures that are nature friendly and will have fewer impacts on surrounding natural habitats and neighbors. Also, “smart lighting” is a great option as it reduces energy use.

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