Pagoda Installations

Shade your yard in style with a unique pagoda


When extra space in a yard permits, building a garden structure can add a lot of character and elegance to a landscape. Chances are you’ve heard a few different options mentioned when it comes to backyard structures, with the most common being gazebos, pergolas, and pagodas. While each may have their own advantages, pagodas in particular offer homeowners a truly unique way to make their Arizona landscape design stand out.

What is a Pagoda?

Pagodas found in gardens and backyard landscapes are built to imitate the traditional sacred structures that are well-known in Asian countries. With their tiered towers and accentuated pointed corners, pagodas are easily recognizable. They are a sturdier type of architectural design than the other types of buildings you might find in a garden and are typically constructed from wood. Pagodas are usually decorated and painted in vibrant colors, making them the highlight of any property.

Reasons to Install a Pagoda

Aside from their striking aesthetic appeal, homeowners may choose to have a pagoda installed for a few different reasons. One of the biggest motivations for putting in a pagoda is to allow for shade and protection from wet weather. Whether it’s an extremely hot day with the sun beating down or a rainy downpour, the weather conditions shouldn’t keep you from enjoying some quiet and relaxation in your own backyard, and the durable roof of a pagoda will give you the ability to go out there whenever you feel like it. The desire to have climbing plants and vines are another good reason to purchase a pagoda, as the walls will give them support and a place to cling to.

How Pagodas Benefit a Landscape

By nature, pagodas represent a calm, zen-like atmosphere, which is likely to carry over onto any landscape that has one installed. This positive effect can add a whole new dimension of peace to your property. In addition, pagodas add some height to a landscape, giving it a range in proportions instead of leaving it as one monotone, flat design across the board.

Professional Landscape Design

Our landscaping contractors at New Image Landscape and Pools specialize in turning backyards into a work of art by incorporating various design features. Regardless if it’s for shelter, decoration, or a little bit of both, you simply can’t go wrong by choosing to have a pagoda installed on your property. We will work closely with you to ensure this element is an accurate reflection on your personal taste and a complement to your Arizona landscape design.