Salt Water Pools

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A salt-water pool is an alternative to traditional chlorine pools that offers a different method of pool sanitation. Just as with a chlorine pool, it aims to decrease the amount of microorganisms within the water. In this particular system, chlorine is produced when the salt water is pressured through a membrane containing electrically charged metal cells. These systems can bring the level of these organisms down by over 99.9%, resulting in a safe environment to swim and relax.

Advantages of a Salt Water Pool

Many people think about salt-water pools and believe that this is a chemical-free solution to keeping your pool clean. While there are benefits to this form of pool sanitation, this is not one of them. The most inherent benefit of this type of pool is that it eliminates the need to continually buy chlorine and transport it to your backyard. In essence, the salt water system acts as a chlorine factory. The chlorine created in a salt water system is identical to the chlorine that you would put in a chlorine system. Additionally, adding salt to a salt water system can save a considerable amount of time as opposed to manually adding chlorine. However, these days, there are many automated solutions to adding your particular substance to any pool system, in which case there is no discernible difference.

Why Get a Salt Water Pool?

Many people point to initial cost of the salt chlorine generator as a reason to stay away from the prospect of a salt-water pool. While these generators are a bit pricy, the cost of salt versus chlorine is significant enough so that the investment is repaid within a few years. Beyond that, these pools are very low maintenance. As the chlorine is continually streamed into the pool through the chlorine generator, the hard work is eliminated, leaving you with the task of checking the chemical levels once every couple weeks. This makes the salt water pool a great option for people who travel often or have a vacation home with a pool.

In reality, deciding which kind of pool you want is more of a matter of personal preference rather than one of risk and reward. For some people, the chlorine method works perfectly fine, while others feel more comfortable with a salt water system. One thing is for certain, a salt-water sanitation method is an easy and effective method to ensuring your pool is clean and safe to enjoy.

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