New Image Staff: The Key to Arizona’s Leading Landscape Company

James David Stewart, Founder Of New Image, One Of The Most Dedicated Phoenix Landscaping CompaniesJames David Stewart
As an expert in landscape and pool design David Stewart, has been in the business since 1981. During that time, David founded New Image as a means for employment while studying to be a civil engineer in college. After discovering his natural aptitude for designing and constructing different forms of pool and landscape projects, David’s side job that earned a few extra dollars evolved into a lifelong venture. As the industry evolved and demands changed, David worked hard to continue his education, and at the same time, he developed New Image into the Arizona Landscape Company that it is today. David secured his C-21 Landscape and Irrigation license in 1985, and during that time, he built hundreds of pools between 1985 and 2008—eventually securing his B-5 Swimming Pool Contractor License in 2008. After forming many professional relationships in the industry, New Image eventually flourished into one of the top Phoenix pool and landscaping companies in Arizona. Despite the economic downturn in 2009, David was still able to expand New Image by switching his business focus to the maintenance and service side of the industry in order to weather the storm. Today, he continues to evolve New Image in order to assure the success and longevity of New Image Landscape and Pools—all so he may offer the highest quality services in the pool and landscape industry to valley residents David is excited about the opportunities that lie before him, and he truly looks forward to diversifying the New Image brand. More importantly, David looks forward to providing many more years of service to satisfied clients throughout the state of Arizona.   


Nick Stewart: Son of James Stewart, Director of Sales For New Image, And Established Landscaper In PhoenixNick Stewart
As David Stewart’s oldest son, Nick Stewart has been involved with the Arizona landscape company his entire life. In all, Nick has designed, managed, and sold over 135 different projects. Prior to his work for New Image Landscape and Pools, Nick worked in sales and operations management in the health club and advertising industries for seven years. His project scopes include landscaping, pools, spas, water features, pergolas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fireplaces, irrigation, synthetic grass, masonry walls, benches, low voltage lighting, sidewalks, and decks. Nick specializes in taking an empty or dull space and transforming into something incredible. Today, Nick’s responsibilities at New Image include Director of Pool Maintenance and Remodeling, and Director of Sales and Design, in which he works to preserve the business’s prominence amongst other Phoenix landscaping companies. Nick also received a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing.


Kyle Greenhalg, Lead Project Manager At New Image, And Driving Factor To Their Supremacy Amongst Other Phoenix Landscaping CompaniesKyle Greenhalgh
As the lead Project Manager and Designer at New Image, and the newest member of the team, Kyle brought along his skills and expertise at a time of significant growth within the Arizona landscape company. During that time, he was able to ensure that quality and design within the company stayed in tact. Kyle still contributes in the quality role as the company continues to grow. As an Arizona native, Kyle attended Arizona State University where he received his baccalaureate degree in Design. His past construction experience includes residential building and landscaping design. Kyle’s passions include Architecture, Sustainability, Landscape, and Design with a focus on creating space that blends Form and Nature.


Marianne Vega Aided In New Image's Success Amongst Other Competitive Phoenix Landscaping CompaniesMarianne Vega
Marianne and her family moved to the Valley in 1999 from North Platte, NE. where she worked as the Education Director for Washburn Pianos. After setting up the teaching studios, including methodologies, and hiring teachers, Marianne was promoted to Commercial/Residential Leasing Manager and Collections Manager. In 2005, the Arizona Keyboard Acceptance Company was formed by the owners of Washburn and Marianne became the Assistant Vice President of Finance, during which time she continue to keep up with her duties at Washburn Piano. During that time, she created processes and forms that were utilized in both Arizona Keyboard Acceptance Company and Washburn Piano. She stayed at Washburn until they closed their doors in 2009. She then went to work for My First Piano as the Office Manager and Bookkeeper, which was a startup company owned by one of the salesmen from Washburn. Here, she set up processes and forms and that are still being used today. Marianne also has accounting and QuickBooks experience, and skills to get the job done on time. Her forte includes customer skills and the willingness to investigate and resolve problems.