Summer Tips for Landscape Maintenance

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When the heat comes in the summer in the desert, it quickly becomes crunch time in maintaining the health and aesthetic appeal of your landscape. It also becomes increasingly more difficult to be responsible with our water consumption in this desert that we live in. While this article will apply differently based on what type of landscape you have and the extent of features throughout it, these are some great tips for making sure that your landscape is looking its best all year long in the most water-efficient ways possible.

How to Make Your Landscape Look Beautiful All Summer Long

A big part of maintaining a beautiful and healthy look for your landscape is keeping your grass green. The first and most crucial thing you need to know in order to do this is how much water your lawn actually needs. There are numerous sources online for estimating this, but you can also do this with a little trial and error. Attempt to drive a screwdriver into your soil about an hour after watering. If you can easily push it 10 inches into the ground, that is enough water, and you might even be able to scale it back. You should be watering your grass a few hours before sunrise to avoid excessive evaporation of the water and you should mow your grass at least once a week to keep it as fresh and healthy as possible. This helps with the look of your yard as well as the necessary water consumption of your grass.

You should always be aware of the status of your irrigation system. Make sure sprinkler heads are oriented in the proper direction and not being obstructed, and keep your eyes out for the formation of pools of water over underground plumbing. You should also consider installing drip irrigation to make sure your plants are getting the water that they need in the most efficient manner.

You should also consider taking pre-emptive measures to plan the specifics of your landscape so that it can survive more easily in this type of climate. Things that will help a Phoenix landscape thrive with less effort include planting native plant species, designing simple, natural rainwater collection and distribution channels, and adding a little shade. Adding gutters and rainwater collection bins is another great way to increase the health of your yard without increasing your footprint on water consumption.

Save Water While Maintaining Your Landscape

You work hard on your landscape, so you should be able to maintain it throughout the entire year. However, as we live in a desert, we all have a responsibility to conserve our most precious resource, water. Follow these steps to make sure you are doing your part to conserve, while still having a beautiful yard!

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