Beautiful Pool Design by New Image Premium Phoenix Pool Builders.

Phoenix pool builders say that the top swimming pool trends are a little more complex than the regular pool plastering and resurfacing Phoenix homes normally showcase; instead they focus on some of the artistic elements that appear in and around the pool. Whether you’re thinking about building a new swimming pool or reconstructing an existing one, there are some new trends to keep in mind, depending on the type of pool you wish to redesign or build.

The top five trends in swimming pool design place an emphasis on artistic design elements, including the following:


In many backyards across Arizona, the current trends in pool design incorporate a “hot” design effect, and Phoenix pool builders look for ways to incorporate these elements in and around pools in an artistic way, instead of a source of warmth.

Glass tile

Since glass comes available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, there are many choices that give designers an array of different ideas for designing swimming pools.

Even though glass tile is an expensive item for pool construction, designers can still find a way to use tile as a way to add more artistry to your pool. Glass tile also enhances different focal points of your pool, such as columns and spillways, leading to their popularity as a pool resurfacing material in Phoenix.

Natural stone

The use of natural stone in swimming pools dates back centuries ago when stone masons constructed pools and baths with massive stone blocks. Today, Phoenix pool builders use natural stone in order to add definition, color, and depth both in and around your pool.


When it comes to various design elements in the pool, accented spouts add a cool and soothing sound in order to make your pool even more inviting.

The shape and size of accent spouts add a more artistic and ornamental element to your pool.


Beadcrete also adds an interior finish with tiny glass beads.

Available in two-dozen different mixes, Beadcrete gives your pool a richer look that is similar to an all-tiled pool.

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